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Mathematics Placement [1]

Introduction      Students should consult their major departments to determine their math requirements. Students who do not need to take advanced math courses can satisfy the University’s liberal studies math requirements by passing MGF 1106 and MGF 1107. Students whose majors require higher-level math courses should probably not take MGF 1106 or MGF 1107. Most students needing higher level math courses will need to take (or exempt) MAC 1105. Students needing MAC 2311 will ordinarily need to take (or exempt) MAC 1105, MAC 1114, and MAC 1140 before taking MAC 2311.

Placement Procedure    Students receive initial placement based on their SAT quantitative and ACT mathematics scores and on credit they have received from AP, CLEP, IB and other sources.

AMP Test            Every student should take the Math Department’s Advanced Math Placement test in order to receive the Math Department’s assessment and recommendation. Students can improve their initial placement by scoring well on the Math Department’s AMP test. A low score on the AMP test does not require a student to drop below the student’s initial placement. However, students are urged to follow AMP placement recommendations.

Placement by SAT/ACT




SAT 200 – 430

ACT 0 - 18

Students must take MAT 0024 (Precollege Mathematics) unless exempted from MAT 0024 by SMS test

SAT 440 – 460

ACT 19 – 20

Students must take MAT 1033 (Intermediate Algebra) unless exempted from MAT 1033 by SMS test

SAT 470 – 530

ACT 21 – 22

Students may take MGF 1106, MGF 1107 and MAC 1105

SAT 540 – 590

ACT 23 – 25

Students may take MGF 1106, MGF 1107 and MAC 1105

SAT 600 – 800

ACT 26 – 36

Students may take MGF 1106, MGF 1107 and MAC 1105.

Students may take MAC 1140, MAC 1114, MAC 1147 or MAC 2233

SAT 680 – 800

ACT 30 - 36

Students may take MGF 1106, MGF 1107 and MAC 1105.

Students may take MAC 1140, MAC 1114, MAC 1147 or MAC 2233.

Students should receive credit for MAC 1105


AMP Recommendations / Permission[2]


Algebra Score

Algebra Group

Recommendation / Permission

Note: Recommendation does not imply permission



Very weak in algebra. Recommend taking MAT 1033 before taking MAC 1105, even if initial placement is MAC 1105 or higher



Weak in algebra. Recommend taking MAC 1105 before taking MAC 1114 or MAC 1140, even if initial placement is MAC 1140 or MAC 1114



MAC 1105 prerequisite for MAC 1114, MAC 1140, and MAC 2233 is waived. Recommend taking MAC 1140 before taking MAC 2311, even if initial placement is MAC 2311.





Recommendation / Permission

Note: Recommendation does not imply permission



Recommend taking MAC 1114 before taking MAC 2311, even if initial placement is MAC 2311



May take MAC 2311 if MAC 1114 is taken concurrently and MAC 2311 algebra prerequisite has already been satisfied



MAC 1114 prerequisite for MAC 2311 is waived.


The Advanced Mathematics Placement (AMP) test is …

Prologue:            The Advanced Mathematics Placement (AMP) test is an optional, no calculator, one-time-only, two part, timed test, given during orientation periods. Students are urged (but not required) to use the results of the AMP test to assist them in selecting their initial FSU math courses. (Statistics indicate that them AMP test is a reasonably good predictor of a student’s success in various FSU math courses.)

The Test:             The first part of the AMP test contains fifty problems on basic algebra, and the second part contains fifteen problems on trigonometry. The algebra part of the test consists of problems at various difficulty levels. Approximately one third covers material from Precalculus Algebra. The trigonometry part covers the material normally contained in a college-level course in Analytic Trigonometry. (Students who are unfamiliar with trigonometry do not need to complete the trig portion of the test.) Students are given ninety minutes to complete the entire test.

Test Results:      Each AMP taker is assigned to an Algebra Group (A1 through A4) and to a Trigonometry Group (T1 through T3). The Department of Mathematics recommends course placement for people scoring in the various AMP groups. (See xxx for placement information.) The AMP results will not negate placement obtained through other means, but a low AMP result may lead the student to reconsider a placement that may be too high. Students scoring in AMP Algebra Group A4 receive three hours of college credit for MAC 1105.

Test Administration:      Incoming students are expected to take the AMP test during their FSU orientation period. An FSU student will be allowed to take the AMP on an ad hoc basis providing the student has a valid reason for not taking the test during his/her orientation period. A student cannot take the AMP test after the student has taken an FSU math course, and the AMP test will not be given twice to any student.

Notification:      During orientation periods, lists of student’s names and their AMP groups are posted in various campus locations, including Undergraduate Studies (third floor, University Center) the Union (on the porch of the Moore Auditorium), and outside 205 LOV. Students should know their AMP Groups before they see their advisors or register for classes.

Practice Test:     A practice AMP test is provided at the following URL:

[1]Effective January 1999. Revised 7/13/02
[2]Applies only to students with SAT > 460 or ACT > 20